The New Star Wars 7 Trailer Will BLOW YOU AWAY!!!

The New Star Wars 7 Trailer Will BLOW YOU AWAY!!!

Star Wars fans received an amazing sneak peak of the 7th movie, The Force Awakens, yesterday when the 2nd trailer was released. Movie trailers aren’t something we typically post at Goodly, but there are always exceptions and THIS is definitely one of them. The Star Wars series is one of the most epic stories of good versus evil, and the struggle to overcome the lure or power of the “dark side.” There are much more competent fanboys than us, but we could go into detail about the ways that people change and families and friendships were torn apart, or the power of the human spirit working to fight against overwhelming odds to preserve the good in the universe.

(Possible Spoilers In Speculations Below)

It’s been almost 10 years since the last Star Wars movie was made, but the latest trailer has us sitting at the edge of our seat awaiting the new movie – that is 8 long months away from release. There are a lot of teasers that have us speculating who the new characters are and where the story will go. There is the appearance of a light saber that looks like the one Anakin made, that was later given to Luke by Obi-Wan Kenobi, who then lost it when Darth Vader cut off his hand during the duel at Cloud City causing it to fall out of the chute and seemingly into space. We are also curious about the silver Storm Trooper who has a cape, carries his gun and swaggers like…perhaps…Boba Fett? Then we wonder about the seemingly-Sith character wearing a black cape with a metal mask. A black cape appears earlier in the trailer with a robotic hand reaching out to touch R2-D2 after a shot of the Anakin’s skull in the melted Vader mask. We should also point Could this be Luke Skywalker? Too many questions that we can’t wait to have answered.

Whatever happens, it looks like Lucasfilms, Disney, and J.J. Abrams have cooked up something special for us.

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