Submit A Story

Submit A Story

Have you seen a story you’d like to appear on Goodly? Send us an email and let us know. We are always searching for great new content, but quite frankly, with all the great videos online, there is a lot that we have missed.

Thanks ahead of time for sharing videos you like with us. If you are watching videos on Goodly, then having you help choose the content put us one step closer to providing the content that you want to see.

Here’s What We Need

  • Brief Summary About Why You Like It: Watching oodles of videos takes up a lot of time. If we know a little about the video, it helps us choose what videos to might work on Goodly and increases the chances of it being used.
  • Link To The Content This should go without saying…we need to know where the video is located so we can view it, but also link back to the original source.

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